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Nintendo Cuts Sales Projections as Wii U Fails: How to Fix Nintendo | CCS Video Podcast

In mid-January of 2014 Nintendo made headlines by cutting their sales projections for the Nintendo Wii U. Nintendo cuts sales projections from 9 million Wii U units to almost 2.8 million, a 70% cut. Without admitting as such, Nintendo has at least acknowledged that their touch-screen hand held device has officially failed. The backlash of the announcement was a 20% drop in Nintendo’s stock, game developers questioning investing time and money into Wii U games, and becoming the subject for a new Cheshire Cat Studios Video Podcast! What originated as an After Hours discussion between LaughingMan, CineMax and Inverted-Mind regarding the Nintendo Wii U’s failure was deemed too good not to make it a full video podcast.

While the members of the CCS Video Podcast have covered Nintendo’s obliviousness and idiotic decision-making in the past, we’ve never pledged our allegiance to any hunk of plastic. While we all have some level of fondness for Nintendo, we refrain from divisive tribalism and prefer to look at the situations objectively. We have been simply offering our insights on the issues of why the motion controller craze was a passing fad, and why Nintendo’s sheer lack of quality titles has been self-destructive. With that being said, could the Nintendo Wii U have been salvaged into a feasible console for gamers? With the rumors of a new Nintendo console just over the horizon, is the Wii U a fault of the hardware specs? Does the lack of release dates for big name titles like Super Smash Bros, Hyrule Warriors, and Bayonetta 2 contribute to the problem? Find out in our latest episode!

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The Legend of Korra Analysis: Elemental Errors? | Beyond Pictures

The Legend of Korra series finished late last year, but new seasons have already been planned well in advance. Some feel that the series so far doesn’t, perhaps, hold up to its predecessor - Avatar: The Last Airbender. B-Mask takes a look at why that might be the case.



Posted 3 months ago

The Platinum Age of Television: Nielsen Ratings Vs. Twitter

Breaking Bad, Dexter, Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire, Mad Men; Television has never been better. Or has it?

For every action there’s an opposite and equal reaction, and with the rise of every new great television series there’s also a lot more dross making its way into living rooms across the country and abroad. Regardless, one thing is certain, television has made a strong comeback in lieu of movies and video games. But what’s with this so-called “Platinum Age of Television” and how is it measured? Is it that shows are actually getting better in regards to content, or is does it have to do with how that viewership is measured? Do these standard television rating systems even count the growing online audience found on Netflix, Hulu, and other streaming mediums? What about the rise of social media? How much pull does Facebook and Twitter really have in not only attracting television audiences, but also developing fanbases to keep the shows on the air? And while LaughingMan, Kenny, CineMax, and B-Mask lament the endings of a few of their favorite television shows (Dexter, Breaking Bad) they crack open a past issue of WIRED Magazine and debate how much validity this so-called “Platinum Age of Television” has behind it.

All while trying to keep off of the radars of Disney’s deadly attack helicopters.

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Capcom’s Financial Trouble and Another Nintendo Alliance | CCS After Hours #6

News of Capcom’s financial difficulties has been the talk of many forums and game journalists. While Capcom claims that fault lies in outsourcing the development of their games to other companies and poor communication with marketing, Kenny and LaughingMan believe that the problem runs deeper. Capcom has not only developed some of the most iconic characters and franchises in video game history, but have been historically notorious to their consumer base; from endless franchise re-releases, to pay-to-unlock downloadable content (DLC) included within the game at initial purchase, to unpopular shifts in gameplay and style in established franchises.

After briefly bringing our fans up to speed with site development and a short tale of LaughingMan’s unorthodox Halloween adventure, LaughingMan and Kenny get to the heart of the matter. Capcom has a long list of successful franchises, and in a gaming climate where software and titles are interchangeable between consoles exclusive access to these titles can be a deciding factor to consumers. And between Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo, one console maker has a long-standing history of benefiting from the exclusive use of Capcom’s franchises: Nintendo. Just as Resident Evil 4 aided in keeping the GameCube a viable choice during the rise of the Xbox and Playstation 2, Nintendo’s Wii U and Capcom could both benefit each other with exclusive, less costly franchises like Demon’s Crest, Darkstalkers, Mega Man, Okami, and others.

But could — or should — Nintendo buy out Capcom?

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You knew someone was gonna hit him one day. XD

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Awesome Video Games: Let’s Play DuckTales Remastered!

Cheshire Cat Studios is celebrating its 5 year anniversary! After leading a lenghty uphill battle to establish their own unique style and identity, the CCS Crew has decided to try something different for a change. In order to diverisy our content and appeal to a wider demographic, we’ve decided to launch our very own game show, Awesome Video Games!

LaughingMan, Kenny, CineMax and The Fuboo are facing their past demons — well, mostly Kenny’s — by reviewing the hit video game, Ducktales Remastered. Being fans of the DuckTales cartoon series and the original 8-bit NES DuckTales game by Capcom, DuckTales Remastered will mark the beginning of what we hope is a new and fulfilling series dedicated to the YouTube masses.

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After Hours 3: The Legend of Korra - Low Audience Turnout?

Season 2 of the Avatar: The Last Airbender spinoff series, The Legend of Korra, has landed. And yet the season premier episode gained fewer viewers than the least-watched episode of Season 1. B-Mask and LaughingMan dissect what may be the cause of of these relatively low ratings, the past direction of both The Last Airbender and the first season of Korra, and their hopes for the future episodes.

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Posted 7 months ago

Thor 2: The Dark World - Honeymoon in Asgard?

The Cheshire Cat Studios gang share their thoughts, expectations and reservations for Marvel’s upcoming latest superhero/fantasy epic Thor: The Dark World in this in-depth, serious, and not at all facetious roundtable discussion.

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No matter how old I get, I still continue to be young at heart.

I do get more grouchy though…o_=

Did you just frankenstein all of us into one person with the last guy on the right? Ken’s jacket, B-Mask’s shirt, LaughingMan’s sexy pants and my fabulous hair and handsome mug? ‘Cos that’s totally awesome. XD

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Superior Spider-Man Follow-Up: An Open Letter to Dan Slott

16 issues down the line, over half a year and with a correspondence between myself and Dan Slott after my previous video, Dan Slott’s Dying Wish. Here I critiqued the overall direction of the Spider-Man series and the potential pratfalls Superior Spider-Man faced. All this time on- Has anything changed?

B-Mask makes a second and possibly the last appeal to the famed Superior Spider-Man writer who has deviated from the straight and narrow when handling online criticism and just communicating with his fans in general. 

Posted 7 months ago

The Death of Game Consoles? | CCS Podcast After Hours #2

Kenny and LaughingMan stumble across a rather alarming Forbes article about the potential future demise of traditional video game consoles. Additionally, they find a quote in which President of Sony Worldwide development studios Shuhei Yoshida blames current decline in console gaming not on the consoles themselves, but the current generation of gamers.

Being long-time gamers, Kenny and LaughingMan have some choice words about the subject. Is it really the current generation of tablet and mini-game gamers that is hurting the console industry? Are the current generation of consoles simply not doing enough to keep gamers interested? Kenny and LaughingMan believe it to be several problems that currently plague the current generation, and will continue to do so in the next: Bloated budgets that lead to a lack in creativity, and game consoles themselves becoming glorified Netflix boxes. 

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With Killer is Dead coming out this week I decided to go back a few years and settle a score I have with Grasshopper Manufacture’s last foray into an assassin themed hack and slash.

Even though I think No More Heroes 2 did a lot of questionable things, I still can’t help but enjoy blasting through it from time to time. I can’t even begin to describe just how incredible the music is, in fact it may just have my favourite video game soundtrack of all time.

But as a big fan of the first title I couldn’t help but feel a little let down by the sequel. So here I am 3 years later to present to you: The Flaws of No More Heroes 2.

A great analytical video from GamingBrit regarding the flaws of No More Heroes 2 and how they may affect future Suda 51 works like Killer is Dead.

Posted 8 months ago

The Flash Sues the Justice League For Discrimination

Source: http://bit.ly/13WJUa1

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Ultimate Deadpool: The Ideal Merc With the Mouth | CCS Video Podcast # 14

Marvel is doing its hardest to transmute Deadpool — a loveable, fourth-wall breaking underdog — into a boisterous, Internet meme-spouting cartoon character in an attempt to appeal to the ADHD crowd, and the Cheshire Cat Studios crew ain’t too happy about it!

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New CCS Video Podcast Episode Update

The newest ‪Cheshire Cat Studios‬ Video ‪‎Podcast‬ episode is nearing the final stages of development and hopefully will be uploaded by the end of the week.

No, we’re still not telling you what the topic is this time. Here’s a teensy-weensy hint, though: A certain famed hero just can’t catch a break from us taking potshots at them! :3